Performance Evaluation of Series DC-ES for DC bus Voltage Regulation on Different Non-Critical Loads and under FRT Support

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


DC microgrid is an assured distribution network for incorporating distributed renewable generations and electronic loads. Being an affordable power the installation of PV integrated DC microgrid are growing enormously which will bring new concerns about power system stability. Voltage stability has always been an issue in demand-supply management in DC microgrid. To effectively handle such instability issues new cost effective potential solutions are required. Earlier Electric Spring (ES) has been proposed as the solution to the load management, in the AC microgrids. This paper extends this concept to regulate the bus voltage fluctuation and Fault Ride Through (FRT) condition in DC microgrid by performing dynamically. The objective of the proposed work is to conserve power during generation intermittency by making non-critical loads to absorb less power and adaptively maintaining stable power across critical loads. DC Series Electric Spring (DC-ES) is different from existing technologies which is capable of real time demand side management (DSM). The problems in DC microgrid and their solution with the help of DC-ES have been successfully demonstrated on 48V DC grid for simulation verification using MATLAB environment. The results of DC electric spring show a good agreement with theoretical analysis.

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2020 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, PESGRE 2020