Oil-Based materials and products

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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


Oils and fats, particularly plant based, are important raw materials for the chemical industry worldwide. Plant oil and their oleochemicals have major advantages over mineral oils in that they are renewable and readily available all around the world, often as a result of by-products from other industrial activities. Also, they are generally biodegradable, nonflammable and cause fewer medical problems and allergies to the end users. A large number of studies reported that the physicochemical nature like solubilizing and dispersing ability of the oil and fats has the hairand skin-care effects, which have been proved to be efficient emollients in skin-care product formulations, but are also used for other applications, such as agrochemicals. In this chapter, we will systematically introduce the use and development of oils and fats as emollients in cosmetic products and as alternative solvents, dispersion media, spray auxiliaries, emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives in the agrochemicals.

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Industrial Oil Plant: Application Principles and Green Technologies