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In this work, capillary rise experiments were performed to assess the wetting properties of carbon-ionomer (CI) films. The samples were attached to a micro-balance and then immersed into liquid water to (i) measure the mass gain from the liquid uptake and (ii) estimate the (external) contact angle to water (typical value around 140°). The results showed that drying the CI films under low vacuum significantly impacted the CI film wettability. The influence of the ionomer content on the CI films’ wettability was investigated with various ionomer to carbon (I/C) ratios: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4. No significant variation of the contact angle to water extracted from the capillary rise experiment was measured. However, water uptake increased with the I/C ratio suggesting a more hydrophilic behavior. This observation was in good agreement with the measurement from the sessile drop method showing a slight decrease of the contact angle to water: from 155° for an I/C of 0.8 to 135° for I/C = 1.4.

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