Dynamic friction coefficient between tire and compacted asphalt mixtures using tire-pavement dynamic friction analyzer

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


This study proposes a newly developed real-time testing system, namely, a tire-pavement dynamic friction analyzer (TDFA), to measure the dynamic friction coefficient between tire and pavement. Based on the self-developed TDFA, the friction coefficient between tire and pavement can be measured in real-time in the lab. A number of working conditions of tires were mimicked and tested. Subsequently, the effect of parameters such as tire load, tire pressure, actual tire-pavement contact area, tire speed, and slip ratio on pavement friction were investigated. It is found that there is a closely linear correlation between the actual tire-pavement contact area and the dynamic friction coefficient (DFC), and such correlation differs with the variation of pavement types. DFC usually has a negative linear relationship to tire speed. As slip ratio varies from 0% to 100%, the strongest correlation between DFC and Mean profile depth (MPD) can be found at the interval of 10%–15% slip ratio, which indicates that the pavement macrotexture also plays a role in the peak value of friction coefficient for the asphalt pavement. This testing method is very promising for the estimation of friction properties of pavement in the phase of lab mix design. It may also be used in the materials selection for pavement design.

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