Measurement and modeling of skid resistance of asphalt pavement: A review

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


This article presented the latest development of testing methods concerning surface textures and skid resistance of asphalt pavements. A review of the repeatability and harmonization of field-testing methods for macrotexture is outlined. Measuring methods of skid resistance both in lab and in situ are reviewed. The harmonization research on the laboratory and field-testing methods are summarized. The recent progress of skid-resistance modeling of asphalt pavement from well-known research work is summarized. This article also suggests a few key research directions. First, compared with macrotexture, standard testing procedures for microtexture also need to be established for uniform and comparable characterization methods. Second, the gap between lab test and field test for skid resistance should be bridged to realize more accurate estimation of pavement frictional properties in the phase of lab design. There is the need for the International Friction Index (IFI) model to be reevaluated when the data is acquired from testers installed with ribbed tires. Third, the accurate tire modeling of the dynamically frictional contact between tire and pavement still needs to be improved. The parameters of pavement textures, traffic volume, water, hydroplaning, temperature, and friction law on tire-pavement friction should be considered in depth in the modeling aspect.

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