Fresh and mechanical performance and freeze-thaw durability of steel fiber-reinforced rubber self-compacting concrete (SRSCC)

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


The self-compacting concrete (SCC) with the replacement of recycled rubber aggregates is limited for the field application due to high-performance requirements. The steel fiber was introduced to the rubberized SCC (RSCC) to enhance its performance and promote its application. The fresh and mechanical properties and durability performance of steel fiber-reinforced rubber self-compacting concrete (SRSCC) were evaluated. The SRSCC samples were prepared with replaced rubber aggregate based on fine aggregate volume percentages of 10%, 15%, and 25% and a consistent steel fiber ratio of 0.2%. The plain SCC and rubberized SCC samples were also produced for comparison. The fresh performance was evaluated with slump flow, J-ring flow, V-funnel, and U-box tests. The results showed that both filling and passing ability could be affected by the added steel fiber and rubber aggregate. However, the SRSCC could still meet most of the recommended criteria for passing and filling abilities when the rubber content is lower than 25%. Regarding the hardened properties, the compressive strength was reduced in rubber SCC samples with increased rubber contents by comparing with the control SCC samples. Nevertheless, SRSCC samples with 10% rubbers have higher splitting tensile strength than RSCC and plain SCC. Also, the SRSCC specimens showed excellent freeze-thaw resistance after 600 F-T cycles. The relative dynamic modulus of elasticity slightly increased without any dimensional expansion in SRSCC samples. In summary, the proposed SRSCC can meet required flowability, filling and passing abilities along with good mechanical and freeze-thaw performance. This study will provide lab test data for the applications of recycling waste tire aggregates in steel fiber-reinforced SCC.

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