Using situational simulations to collect and analyze dynamic construction management decision-making data

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Department of Computer Science


In this paper we lay the foundations for studying decisionmaking in complex dynamic construction management scenarios using situational simulations as experimental testbeds. We draw on research conducted in dynamic decision making, construction data-mining and situational simulations to develop methods to study human decision-making data collected in ICDMA - a situational simulation of a real four story steel frame office building construction project. Specifically, we address challenges in the collection, organization and analysis of human subject data. We define a discipline driving the collection of human decision-making data, establish a semantics to organize the data and a simple mathematical syntax to represent it. We also present an analysis of preliminary experimental work and show that our method can be used to analyze patterns in complex construction decision-making. Finally, we present an agenda of research in construction decision-making using situational simulations that can be conducted using our proposed methods.

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Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference