The effect of cold work on the precipitation and recrystallization kinetics in Al-Sc-Zr alloys

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Scandium plus zirconium additions to aluminum offer potent alloy strengthening opportunities with enhanced kinetic stability at elevated temperatures, attributable to a favorable sequence of trialuminide precipitation events which occur. This work examines the additional variable of prior cold work on precipitate aging kinetics, and on the recrystallization of the underlying aluminum matrix. Al-0.07Sc-0.08Zr (at%) alloys have been cast, swaged, and isochronally aged over a range of temperatures to quantify hardening response and degree of recrystallization. Cold-worked specimens are compared to as-cast variants; the recrystallization response of the alloy is compared to pure aluminum. These data demonstrate the expanded and optimized properly space attainable via microstructural response to thermomechanical processing.

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