The development of multiscale models for predicting the mechanical response of GNP reinforced composite plate

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics; Data Science


A multiscale analysis was developed for the evaluation of graphene nanoplatelet(GNP)/carbon fiber/epoxy materials and the laminated composite plate. Computational molecular dynamic and micromechanics were utilized in the modeling and simulation of the material systems to characterize their elastic behavior when subjected to thermo-mechanical loadings. In this investigation, the approach for analyzing the structures of graphene/carbon fiber/epoxy composite at various length scales was documented. The methodology employed for evaluating the thermomechanical loadings was also specified. The predicted results at various length scales showed that the addition of GNP into the material system does not only increase the elastic moduli of the material at evaluated temperatures, but it also improves the mechanical integrity of the laminated composite plates.

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Composite Structures