Strong effects of higher-valent cations on the structure of the zeolitic Zn(2-methylimidazole)2 framework (ZIF-8)

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Porous zeolite-like metal-organic frameworks (ZMOFs) are novel materials for their potential applications due to their unique structures and ultrahigh surface areas. The most promising representative of the ZMOFs is Zn(2-methylimidazole)2 (ZIF-8), which is highly resistant to water and organic solvents. However, this paper reports that the high stability of ZIF-8 was challenged by high-valent cations in solution. The X-ray diffraction and surface area measurements showed that, although univalent metal cations exerted no effect on the structure of ZIF-8, bivalent or higher-valent metal cations caused its structural collapse. Those results could be explained by density functional theory calculations.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry C