Reducing crane payload swing using a rider block tagline control system

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper considers payload swing control of large, marine cranes using an active rider block tagline system (ARBTS), The contribution is the control system development and simulation comparison of the ARBTS approach to standard luff cranes without ARBTS. It is shown that the ARBTS control system off-loads boom actuation (luff) for ship motion cancellation. Thus, the boom can be used for its intended purpose of moving the load radially per the operator's command. For the simulation case considered, the maximum luff power decreases from 150kW to 4 kW and the luff rope speed decreases from 0.9:m/s to 0.02m/s. Application of this approach to existing offshore crane designs could increase their operational envelope, without increased power requirements or necessitating costly mechanical changes, permitting operations in rough sea conditions.

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OCEANS 2007 - Europe