Optimal droop surface control of dc microgrids based on battery state of charge

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Department of Chemical Engineering; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


For a microgrid with a high penetration level of renewable energy, energy storage use becomes more integral to the system performance due to the stochastic nature of most renewable energy sources. This paper examines the use of droop control of an energy storage source in dc microgrids in order to optimize a global cost function. The approach involves using a multidimensional surface to determine the optimal droop parameters based on load and state of charge. The optimal surface is determined using knowledge of the system architecture and can be implemented with fully decentralized source controllers. The optimal surface control of the system is presented. Derivation of a cost function along with the implementation of the optimal control are included. Results were verified using a hardware-in-the-loop system.

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ECCE 2016 - IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, Proceedings