Novel design for the odd-symmetric memristor from asymmetric switches

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Recently-invented memristors are expected to revolutionize electrical devices, such as fast non-volatile memory for computers. However, it's a challenge to build a memristor with odd-symmetric I-V features. In this paper, a novel strategy, in which two same asymmetric switch components (possessing the A/B interface) can be combined as a symmetric A/B/A structure device, is reported to create an odd-symmetric memristor. Furthermore, with this strategy, the surface-sulphurization was performed on both sides of a Ag foil, leading to a Ag2S/Ag/Ag2S memristor consisting of two asymmetric Ag2S/Ag memristive switches. As expected, this obtained memristor exhibited a perfect odd-symmetric I-V curve with a pinched hysteresis loop. Therefore, this work provides a general approach to design and fabricate ideal odd-symmetric memristors. This journal is

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Journal of Materials Chemistry C