Magnetization and magnetostriction of Terfenol-D near spin reorientation boundary

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Magnetization and magnetostriction behaviors of quasi-binary Tb xDy 1-xFe 2 alloys (Terfenol-D) near spin reorientation boundary (SRB) between 111 and 100 easy axes are studied by computer simulation of magnetic domain rotations under increasing magnetic field and compressive stress along [112] growth direction. The simulation results reveal coexistence of 111 and 100 domains near SRB and show that the switching field first decreases then increases when crossing the SRB from the 100 region into the 111 region of the quasi-binary phase diagram, while the magnetostriction first increases then saturates, thus providing an optimal combination of large magnetostriction and low switching field near the SRB as desired for actuator application. This finding has general implications for other magnetostrictive quasi-binary alloys that also exhibit spin reorientation phenomenon, allowing material design for improved magnetostrictive property near SRB, in analogy to morphotropic phase boundary ferroelectrics.

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Journal of Applied Physics