Game theoretic optimization of DC micro-grids without a communication infrastructure

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper proposes an algorithm to optimize the steady-state operating point in Small Scale Power Systems (SSPS) without the need for communication channels. The approach follows a game theoretic framework with a modification of objectives inside the SSPS. The players are able to minimize a modified objective which gives a improved cost for their initial local objectives. This modified objective is a function of initial local objectives and augmented non-cooperative game. The new game has multiple Nash equilibriums (NE) and therefore players get the opportunity to shift their operating point to a better one while keeping the game condition non-cooperative and without the need for a communication infrastructure. Further, the modified objective is a simple function of players' initial local objectives. Therefore, this method can be easily implemented in the hardware system even with player higher nonliner objectives.

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2014 Clemson University Power Systems Conference, PSC 2014