Game theoretic bus selection in DC power systems

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Direct current power systems can be made more reliable by using multiple buses for redundancy. A multi-buss system provides multiple configuration options, giving the loads multiple choices. This paper proposes the game theory based analysis to choose and control the optimum bus selection for a given load. The modeling is based on the local information of the player and does not need a centralized controller. The first section of the paper shows how the single input player optimizes its local objectives and obtains a Nash equilibrium. Then next section shows how the global objectives can be integrated with minimal communication. It also illustrates how to integrate different objective priorities in to the analysis. Lastly, the analysis is extended to dual power input player situations. This is practically important when the Nash equilibrium does not exist under the payoff matrix modeling pure strategies.

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IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition: Energy Conversion Innovation for a Clean Energy Future, ECCE 2011, Proceedings