Efficient Visible Light Photocatalytic CO2 Reforming of CH4

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The large energy requirement of CO2 reforming of methane (CRM) has obstructed its application. Solar energy is a solution for the issue. Different from efficient photocatalytic splitting of water, photocatalysis for CRM exhibits a very low efficiency and employs only ultraviolet (UV) light. This letter reports an efficient visible-light photocatalytic CRM by combining Pt/black TiO2 catalyst with light-diffuse-reflection-surface. Under visible light illumination by filtering UV light from AM 1.5G sunlight, H2 and CO yields reached 71 and 158 mmol/h/gcat, with a quantum efficiency of 32.3% at 550 °C, and 129 and 370 mmol/h/gcat, with a quantum efficiency of 57.8% at 650 °C. Those yields are 3 orders of magnitude larger than the reported values.

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