Developing service assessment metrics

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


Developing performance metrics for assessing the efficiency of services is a growing need within organizations. The Engineering Information Technology (EIT) Department at Michigan Technological University (MTU) is a service-based organization. The User Services branch of EIT responds to a wide range IT service requests from users and attempts to resolve them with as little delay as possible. This paper presents a methodology to develop a metric that can be used to establish the level of service for MTU EIT. The current service delivery was assessed using a two pronged approach: by statistically characterizing the service times using historical service request records, and by accounting for both the service providers' and users' perception of the current service delivery using a structured survey. Using this analysis, and the idea of a service being a shared platform for co-creation of value, between service provider and customer, a trade-off based model was developed to identify the level of service that EIT can deliver given its resource constraints. A Senior Design project team in the Service Systems Engineering program conducted the work in this paper.

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