Controlling 180° transverse domain wall structure

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


180° transverse domain walls (TDWs) in planar magnetic nanowires find important applications in advanced logic and memory devices. Controlling DW structure is important because it determines DW behaviors and is used to store digital information. This paper presents, using micromagnetic simulations, simple designs of nanowire unit that enables reliable generation of TDWs and effective control of their structures under rotating magnetic field. It is shown that a series of TDWs can be created, two per loading cycle, and external magnetic field can be programmed to control the TDW structures in terms of their polarity and chirality. These nanowire units and the corresponding magnetic field control schemes can be integrated into magnetic circuits to generate TDWs of controlled structures, facilitating the development of logic and memory devices based on DW functionalities.

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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials