Amorphization of metal-organic framework MOF-5 at unusually low applied pressure

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


So far, amorphization of solid materials at ambient temperature required a high pressure (several gigapascal). This raises an important question: is it possible to induce amorphization of solid materials by a low pressure at ambient temperature? Herein, our x-ray diffraction measurements demonstrated that Zn4 O (BDC) 3 metal-organic framework (MOF-5) can be irreversibly amorphized at ambient temperature by employing a low compressing pressure of 3.5 MPa, which is 100 times lower than that required for amorphization of other solids. This was further supported by the collapse of pores. Furthermore, the Raman spectra indicated that the irreversible pressure-induced amorphization (PIA) was due to the destroying of some carboxylate groups. One can conclude that the availability of thousands of MOFs can allow ones to reveal relationships between structures and PIA at a low pressure. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics