A decision-making framework to assess stakeholder value in adoption of sustainable practices in construction

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Conference Proceeding

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


The significant environmental impact of the construction industry, its critical role in the economy, and the urgent need to respond to global climate change has created economic and environmental challenges that the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is increasingly encountering. The diversity of priorities and differing perceptions of risk about the adoption of green building practices among industry stakeholders is critically shaping the adoption of green technology, and the rate at which the industry is shifting towards more sustainable practices. In this paper, we develop an integrated framework that uses a probabilistic definition of value to integrate reductionist methods of sustainable decision-making, within a complex adaptive systems definition of the context within which such decisions are made. It is founded in probabilistic risk assessment and system dynamics, and is used to aid individual adoption of sustainable technology and study its diffusion through professional networks in the AEC industry. Copyright ASCE 2009.

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Building a Sustainable Future - Proceedings of the 2009 Construction Research Congress