3D flower-structured graphene from CO2 for supercapacitors with ultrahigh areal capacitance at high current density

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


© The Royal Society of Chemistry 2015. The widespread application of supercapacitors, which store electrical charge on high-surface-area conducting materials, is limited by their small accessible area and low areal mass loading of active materials due to their microporous structures. Herein, we report that 3D cauliflower-fungus-like graphene (CFG) with hierarchical mesoporous-structure and large fully accessible surface area, which was synthesized directly from CO2via the one-step exothermic approach, exhibited an ultrahigh areal capacitance up to 1.16 F cm-2 at a high current density up to 10 A g-1. The excellent performance remained almost unchanged with increasing temperature to 55 °C. Furthermore, the 3D CFG electrode can reach a high efficient-mass-loading of 11.16 mg cm-2, which meets the current commercial requirement (about 10 mg cm-2). This solves a critical issue that the enhancement of mass loading usually sacrifices the mass capacitance.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A