A novel technology for the production of crystal Cr2O3 with V-Cr-bearing reducing slag

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


In this paper, the production of crystal Cr2O3 with V-Cr-bearing reducing slag was studied. After the V-Cr-bearing reducing slag was roasted with H2SO4 and CrO3 at about 140, can not only Cr in the roasted materials be selectively leached with water, but V be enriched in the leaching residue. Then the leaching residue was used to produce V2O5, and the leaching solution was used to produce Cr2O3. After impurities V, Fe and Si were removed by adding Fe2(SO4)3 and Na2CO3 into the leaching solution under pH 3.2-3.8, the precipitate of Cr2O3H2O was formed by adjusting the pH to about 8 with NaOH. The crystal of Cr2O3 with purity > 98 % was produced by treating the Cr2O3H2O under vacuum 10-15 pa at 650°C for 4h. Under vacuum, the transformation temperature of Cr2O3H2O to crystal Cr2O3 can be significantly reduced. Therefore, using this process, not only V and Cr can be separated and recovered from V-Cr-bearing reducing slag, but also the production cost of crystal Cr2O3 can be reduced.

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Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering