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Texture evolution of an extruded dilute Mg-1Sn-1Zn-1Al alloy was thoroughly investigated based on the twinning and dynamic recrystallization (DRX) behavior via hot compression at a strain rate of 10 s−1 and temperature of 225°C. It was found that the types and intensities of the texture are strongly dependent on the fraction of twins and DRX modes as well as regions where sub-grain boundaries (sub-GBs) are intensively accumulated. At the initial stage of deformation, the formation of compression direction (CD)-tilted basal texture was mainly determined by the occurrence of {101¯2} extension twins. As the strain increases, the variation in the texture intensity was greatly dominated by the DRX modes but the type of main texture remained unchanged. These findings are of great importance for texture modification of wrought Mg-Sn-based alloys during post-deformation.

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