Recent progress in photocatalysts for overall water splitting

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Photocatalytic splitting of water with solar energy is considered as the most promising approach for the production of hydrogen fuel. However, its solar to hydrogen conversion efficiency is much below the industrial requirement (10%). This situation has stimulated intensive efforts to improve photocatalytic overall water splitting (namely, simultaneously providing unassisted oxidation and reduction of water), leading to the invention of novel catalysts in the recent years. The evaluation of these recent progresses constitutes this review article, with emphasis on the strategies employed for the development of catalysts. The catalysts were deeply reviewed and were classified into four types: (a) perovskite compounds, (b) metal oxides (sulfides and nitrides), (c) Bi‐ and In‐based materials, and (d) multicomponent catalysts. Furthermore, the challenges that remain with the process and catalysts and the potential advances were discussed as an outlook for future research.

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International Journal of Energy Research