Low-Loss Plasmonics with Nanostructured Potassium and Sodium-Potassium Liquid Alloys

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Department of Physics


Alkali metals have low optical losses in the visible to near-infrared (NIR) compared with noble metals. However, their high reactivity prohibits the exploration of their optical properties. Recently sodium (Na) has been experimentally demonstrated as a low-loss plasmonic material. Here we report on a thermo-assisted nanoscale embossing (TANE) technique for fabricating plasmonic nanostructures from pure potassium (K) and NaK liquid alloys. We show high-quality-factor resonances from K as narrow as 15 nm in the NIR, which we attribute to the high material quality and low optical loss. We further demonstrate liquid Na-K plasmonics by exploiting the Na-K eutectic phase diagram. Our study expands the material library for alkali metal plasmonics and liquid plasmonics, potentially enabling a range of new material platforms for active metamaterials and photonic devices.

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Nano letters