Single-mode quasi PT-symmetric laser with high power emission

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Department of Physics


Large-area lasers are practical for generating high output powers. However, this often comes at the expense of lower beam quality due to the introduction of higher-order modes. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a new type of electrically pumped, large-area edge-emitting lasers that exhibit a high power emission (∼0.4 W) and a high-quality beam (M2∼1.25). These favorable operational characteristics are enabled by establishing a quasi PT-symmetry between the second-order mode of a large area two-mode laser cavity and that of a single-mode auxiliary partner cavity, i.e., by implementing a partial isospectrality between the two coupled cavities. This in turn enlarges the effective volume of the higher-order modes. As a result, a selective pump applied via current injection into the main laser cavity can provide a stronger modal gain to the fundamental mode, and thus lead to lasing in the single mode regime after filtering out higher order transverse modes. The reported experimental results confirm this intuitive picture and are in good agreement with both theoretical and numerical analysis. Above all, the employed material platform and fabrication process are compatible with the industrial standards of semiconductor lasers. This work provides the first clear demonstration, beyond previous proof-of-concept studies, of the utility of PT-symmetry in building laser geometries with enhanced performance and, at the same time, useful output power levels and emission characteristics.

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Light: Science and Applications