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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics; Department of Chemical Engineering


The article discusses the results of experimental studies on the course of pyrolysis oil injection through the high-pressure injector of a direct-injection engine. The pyrolysis oil used for the tests was derived from waste plastics (mainly high-density polyethylene—HDPE). This oil was then distilled. The article also describes the production technology of this pyrolysis oil on a laboratory scale. It presents the results of the chemical composition of the raw pyrolysis oil and the oil after the distillation process using GC-MS analysis. Fuel injection tests were carried out for the distilled pyrolysis oil and a 91 RON gasoline in order to perform a comparative analysis with the tested pyrolysis oil. In this case, the research was focused on the injected spray cloud analysis. The essential tested parameter was the Sauter Mean Diameter (SMD) of fuel droplets measured at the injection pressure of 400 bar. The analysis showed that the oil after distillation contained a significant proportion of light hydrocarbons similar to gasoline, and that the SMDs for distilled pyrolysis oil and gasoline were similar in the 7–9 µm range. In conclusion, it can be considered that distilled pyrolysis oil from HDPE can be used both as an additive for blending with gasoline in a spark-ignition engine or as a single fuel for a gasoline compression-ignition direct injection engine.

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