Estimation of Elastic Band Gaps Using Data-Driven Modeling

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


The paper discusses estimation of elastic band gaps of a one-dimensional periodic structure using the frequency response functions (FRFs) of a unit cell. A unit cell considered in this paper consists of two masses with a spring between them. Such unit cells are connected with a coupled spring to design a periodic lattice structure. The paper establishes the FRF for a different number of unit cells using FRF-based sub-structuring (FBS). The wave-equation method is then used to estimate the dispersion curves and eventually band gaps. The paper follows a data-driven modeling approach to develop state-space models for estimating dispersion curves from FRFs. The vector fitting algorithm creates a data-driven model of the unit cell from noisy FRFs. A multi-unit cell lattice is simulated from data-driven models using FBS. Additionally, the paper investigates tuning of elastic band gaps by changing the mass and the stiffness of the unit cells.

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Data Science in Engineering