Modeling and predicting power from a WEC array

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


This study presents a numerical model of a WEC array. The model will be used in subsequent work to study the ability of data assimilation to support power prediction from WEC arrays and WEC array design. In this study, we focus on design, modeling, and control of the WEC array. A case study is performed for a small remote Alaskan town. Using an efficient method for modeling the linear interactions within a homogeneous array, we produce a model and predictionless feedback controllers for the devices within the array. The model is applied to study the effects of spectral wave forecast errors on power output. The results of this analysis show that the power performance of the WEC array will be most strongly affected by errors in prediction of the spectral period, but that reductions in performance can realistically be limited to less than 10% based on typical data assimilation based spectral forecasting accuracy levels.

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Oceans Conference Record (IEEE)