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Improper disposal of electronical waste (e-waste) causes harm to both public health and the environment, and how to effectively recycle and reduce electronical waste has become a common concern around the world. This study focuses on the design of the points system to encourage consumer participation in e-waste recycling programs. Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) model, a semi-experimental design method was applied to influence consumer cognition and behavioral intention through information provision in survey design. Two surveys were conducted in two years apart to understand the temporal trend of consumer types and their preferences for the design of e-waste recycling points program. By comparing consumer types before and after the introduction of the points system, the research concludes that the points system has a positive impact on consumers' environmental consciousness and recycling intention. The results show that consumers generally have a strong sense of environmental protection after the introduction of the recycling points system, and that different consumer types differ significantly on subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, recycling motivation, points incentives, points redemption and recycling behavioral intentions. This suggests that the design of the points system can not only promote consumers' environmental awareness but also stimulate consumers to actively participate in e-waste recycling. Finally, several policy recommendations are discussed to help apply the points system to the empirical design of e-waste recycling programs.

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Cleaner and Responsible Consumption


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