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Dimensional synthesis of crank-rocker mechanisms applied to provide some desired values of stroke and time ratio, is of utmost importance for designing an efficient mechanism. In the synthesis and manufacturing of crank-rocker mechanisms, the designers are further challenged by other design criteria, such as quality of motion. In this study, a novel approach based on genetic programming (GP) is proposed for dimensional synthesis of planar crank-rocker mechanisms with optimum transmission angle over the desired stroke and time-ratio. An analytical approach is elaborated which leads to an interesting relationship of length of the coupler and rocker links. It is, therefore, advised that by adopting equal lengths for coupler link and rocker link, one can guarantee the optimality of the transmission angle’s deviation ( (Formula presented.) ), ensuring the Grashof condition. Consequently, through an inverse modeling approach, GP method is utilized to construct some explicitly mathematical formulas to represent all the sizes and dimensions of the crank-rocker mechanism based on the any desired values of both stroke and time-ratio. In this way, an input-output data set consisting of all the dimensions and the sizes of the links as the input variables and both the stroke and time-ratio as output variables is first constructed using the pertinent mathematical equations. Indeed, such approach of inverse modeling using GP simplifies greatly the synthesis of the crack-rocker mechanisms for any desired values of both stroke and time-ratio. The proposed approach has been applied for kinematic synthesis of a crank-rocker mechanism. A comparison between the obtained results of this work and the analytic method, clearly illustrates the efficiency of the proposed approach.

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