Acclimation and adaptation components of the temperature dependence of plant photosynthesis at the global scale.

Dushan P Kumarathunge, Western Sydney University
Belinda E Medlyn, Western Sydney University
John E Drake, State University of New York
Mark G Tjoelker, Western Sydney University
Michael J Aspinwall, University of North Florida
Michael Battaglia, CSIRO Agriculture and Food
Francisco J Cano, Western Sydney University
Kelsey Carter, Michigan Technological University
Molly A. Cavaleri, Michigan Technological University
et al.


The temperature response of photosynthesis is one of the key factors determining predicted responses to warming in global vegetation models (GVMs). The response may vary geographically, owing to genetic adaptation to climate, and temporally, as a result of acclimation to changes in ambient temperature. Our goal was to develop a robust quantitative global model representing acclimation and adaptation of photosynthetic temperature responses. We quantified and modelled key mechanisms responsible for photosynthetic temperature acclimation and adaptation using a global dataset of photosynthetic CO