A Secure Software Engineering Design Framework for Educational Purpose

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Department of Applied Computing


Ensuring software security is a critical task for a deliverable software system in today's world, and its proper implementation guarantees the quality and security of the information ingested, stored, and processed by the system. It is imperative to introduce computer science and computer engineering students (CS/CE) with the secure software design practices early in their curriculum. This approach will help them understand fundamentals of secure programming, vulnerabilities in software systems, and secure software development before joining the industry workforce. In this paper, we propose an educational framework that integrates software security concepts in a software engineering design course. We envision that the framework will engage CS/CE students applying security principles and practices in different phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) process. Our work focuses on review of common security requirements, policies, and mechanisms related to specific use cases as well as how those requirements are defined during the software design.

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IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology