Doubly Fed Induction Generator Low Voltage Ride Through Improvement Through Modular Multilevel Converter

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This paper proposes a novel fault current suppression method for doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) low voltage ride through (LVRT) improvement employing modular multilevel converter (MMC). It is based on the inherent MMC arm impedance and the number of levels to provide transient damping of DFIG rotor and stator currents under severe grid faults, contributing effectively to maintaining the DFIG connection while ensuring controllability by avoiding the protection activation. Neither additional hardware nor control loops are necessary. DFIG dynamic equations under LVRT, including the contribution of the MMC, are presented, and a model is derived for control design. Performance assessment, including symmetrical and asymmetrical fault scenarios for MMC with 3, 21, 51, and 101 levels and comparison with existing and proposed controllers, highlighted that arm impedance and increased MMC level number contributed to DFIG stator and rotor fault current suppression, providing DFIG LVRT improvement under severe grid fault conditions.

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IEEE Access