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Seismic interferometry is often proposed as a cost-efficient technique for reservoir monitoring including CO2 sequestration due to its low cost and environmental advantages over active source imaging. Although many studies have demonstrated the ability of seismic interferometry to retrieve surface waves, body wave imaging remains challenging due to their generally lower amplitudes of body waves in seismic interferometry data. An optimum data acquisition strategy can help retrieve low amplitude body waves better, however, rare attempts have been made to evaluate various data acquisition strategies. In this study, we use numerical modeling to examine three different acquisition schemes to evaluate the retrievability of P waves from seismic interferometry data. From our numerical results, we observe that (1) positing receivers beneath the attenuated weathered layer improves the data quality and signal to noise ratio, but additional processing steps including predictive deconvolution and Radom transform filter are necessary to remove the downgoing surface multiples, artifacts that are generated from this data acquisition; (2) vertical seismic profiling (VSP) alongside with the conventional surface seismic acquisition improve the target zone detection; and (3) crosswell acquisition of seismic interferometry is an ineffective means to obtain reflection events due to the non-similarity of ray paths from the noise sources meaning that the required stationary phase theory is not fulfilled.

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