High-efficiency and rapid cyanide removal in SPL derived from aluminum electrolysis production under microwave and sensitizer synergistic action

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Spent potliner (SPL) has been listed as a hazardous waste derived from aluminum electrolysis production with high cyanide content. In this study, a novel microwave-sensitizer synergistic technique was proposed to rapidly remove cyanides in SPL. The occurrence states and removal behavior of cyanide in SPL were studied systematically. The results show that cyanide in SPL mainly exists in the form of sodium cyanide and ferricyanide. The maximum cyanide removal rate of 96.67% was successfully achieved under the experimental conditions. Meanwhile, the synergistic removal mechanisms were comprehensively investigated by XRD, XRF, TG-DTA, TG-MS, and FactSage thermal simulation software. The sensitizer Fe2O3 can accelerate the decyanation reaction by decreasing activation energy and acting as an oxidant. This study not only develops a high-efficiency and rapid cyanide removal technique, but also provides theoretical guidance for non-hazardous treatment of other cyanogens-containing wastes.

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Journal of Cleaner Production