VR-OnSite—Online Site Visits Using Web-Based Virtual Environments

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


Site visits or field trips have been a tool utilized by construction engineering and management educators to engage students in active learning, assist traditional lessons, and attain stronger and deeper student learning experiences. Nevertheless, site visits present major logistical and accessibility challenges, which reduces the number of students that have access to the benefits of such a technique. The limitations for site visits have further broadened recently, as COVID-19 public health concerns has forced educators to move to online course delivery quickly and the majority of site visits have been canceled. This study presents the development of VR-OnSite-a web-based virtual environment that offers a social field trip experience for large groups of students that resembles real-world jobsite conditions. A pilot study was conducted with sixteen students that followed a guided site visit within the context of a railway transportation project. The use of VR-OnSite resulted in statistically significant increase in student perceived knowledge in railway transportation and high engagement during the virtual site visit.

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Construction Research Congress 2022: Health and Safety, Workforce, and Education - Selected Papers from Construction Research Congress 2022