Mapping Unmanned Aerial System Data onto Building Information Modeling Parameters for Highway Construction Progress Monitoring

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering; Michigan Tech Research Institute


The transportation infrastructure management sector lacks automated procedures that can help it find and resolve the performance deviations. The objective of this research is to illustrate the mapping of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) collected photogrammetric data to building information modeling (BIM) parameters, and their application for automated construction progress monitoring and the generation of as-built models. The goal is to support project managers to estimate project progress during highway construction. As a part of ongoing work, this paper takes into account 4D (3D + time) data that is acquired from 3D surface digital elevation models, point clouds, LiDAR data, and orthographic photos. It maps these 4D data onto BIM parameters to create as-built models of the project at different intervals. A comparison between as-planned and as-built models using the earned value management method is employed to develop metrics that can be used for indicating cost and schedule deviations during construction. The mapping methodology introduced in this paper is illustrated using an ongoing highway construction project case study. The main contribution of this paper is the organization, processing, and integration of UAS data with BIM data structures and project management workflows. The research outcomes will assist project managers in an easy and quick identification of potential performance problems and support the project management decision-making process.

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Transportation Research Record