Enhancement of Margrave deconvolution of seismic signals in highly attenuating media using the modified S-transform

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Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences


We evaluate the performance of the Margrave deconvolution using three approaches of the Gabor, S-, and modified S transforms in a high attenuating media where the quality factor changes with depth dramatically. Our results substantiate that the modified S-transform deconvolution is more robust in terms of generating fewer artifacts and providing better estimates of reflectivities over the Gabor and S transforms. This improvement in the estimates of reflectivities in the modified S-transform is due to the enhancement of the time-frequency decomposition obtained by launching the frequency in the Gaussian window on a linear function. The coefficients of this linear function control the time-frequency localization by expanding the Gaussian window in low frequencies and tightening it in high frequencies. Thus, the modified S-transform provides a better time-frequency decomposition over the Gabor and S transforms. We show the efficiency of the modified S-transform deconvolution by synthetic and field data examples.

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SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2016