Heuristic Sensing Schemes for Four-Target Detection in Time-Constrained Vector Poisson and Gaussian Channels

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Department of Applied Computing


In this work we investigate the different sensing schemes for detection of four targets as observed through a vector Poisson and Gaussian channels when the sensing time resource is limited and the source signals can be observed through a variety of sum combinations during that fixed time. For this purpose we can maximize the mutual information or the detection probability with respect to the time allocated to different sum combinations, for a given total fixed time. It is observed that for both Poisson and Gaussian channels; mutual information and Bayes risk with0−1cost are not necessarily consistent with each other. Concavity of mutual information between input and output, for certain sensing schemes, in Poisson channel and Gaussian channel is shown to be concave w.r.t given times as linear time constraint is imposed. No optimal sensing scheme for any of the two channels is investigated in this work.

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Signal & Image Processing: An International Journal