A Versatile Software for Statistical Data Analysis and Spatial Correlation

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Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences


Development of new tools for interpreting of and maximizing the amount of information extracted from georeferenced experimental and observational data remains an important task of computational geoscience. One of powerful tools for data analysis is the examination of correlation dependence between different, sometimes seemingly unrelated parameters. However, the correlation analysis of geospatial data can often be hampered by inadequate sampling or lack of coincidence between coordinates in the compared datasets. The number and capabilities of affordable software that can be used for these purposes are limited. Here we present a versatile software package for correlation analysis of spatial geo-referenced data with an additional set of tools. The software is implemented as a web service and contains a toolset for performing a geographic coordinate conversion, data interpolation, mapping, spatial correlation, data visualization and other auxiliary functions for spatial data analysis. The performance of the software is checked and confirmed on the real data. We call this service “UNCORR”—the UNiversal CORRelation tool.

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Springer Proceedings in Earth and Environmental Sciences