The draft genome sequence of Eucalyptus polybractea based on hybrid assembly with short- and long-reads reads

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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


Eucalyptus polybractea is a small, multi-stemmed tree, which is widely cultivated in Australia for the production of Eucalyptus oil. We report the hybrid assembly of the E. polybractea genome utilizing both short- and long-read technology. We generated 44 Gb of Illumina HiSeq short reads and 8 Gb of Nanopore long reads, representing approximately 83× and 15× genome coverage, respectively. The hybrid-assembled genome, after polishing, contained 24,864 scaffolds with an accumulated length of 523 Mb (N50 = 40.3 kb; BUSCO-calculated genome completeness of 94.3%). The genome contained 35,385 predicted protein-coding genes detected by combining homology-based and de novo approaches. We have provided the first assembled genome based on hybrid sequences from the highly diverse Eucalyptus subgenus Symphyomyrtus, and revealed the value of including long-reads from Nanopore technology for enhancing the contiguity of the assembled genome, as well as for improving its completeness. We anticipate that the E. polybractea genome will be an invaluable resource supporting a range of studies in genetics, population genomics and evolution of related species in Eucalyptus.

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