Climate Change Perspectives and Policy Support in a Great Lakes Anishinaabe Community

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Fall 2019


Great Lakes Research Center; College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


In recognition of potential negative impacts to its environment, economy, and culture, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) recently passed a formal resolution to develop a climate change planning initiative. This paper summarizes the second phase of mixedmethods research describing KBIC members’ perspectives on climate change and their support for long-term policy actions. Through a quantitative mail survey we found that community members are acutely aware of climate change, are concerned about future generations of KBIC members, wish to prioritize traditional Anishinaabe culture in planning initiatives, and are supportive of mitigation and adaptation strategies. Our findings provide vital insight to KBIC leaders and adds to the broader literature by introducing Great Lakes Anishinaabe perspectives to discussions of climate change and environmental justice issues facing Indigenous cultures worldwide.

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Tribal College