Program Evaluation A Report for Debweyendan ("believe in it") Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) Promoting Intergenerational Learning and Access to Healthy Foods and Medicines

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Great Lakes Research Center


Both tribal and non-tribal community members were welcome to join the Debweyendan (“believe in it”) Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) harvesting workshops and community capacity events, and thus, both tribal and non-tribal members participated in the program evaluation. Because our project focus was to promote access to healthy foods in our community, participants were asked to complete a pre-survey prior to participating in the first workshop of their choice. Each participant completed the pre-survey no more than once. Participants were also asked to complete a post-workshop evaluation to provide brief feedback after each workshop. These insights were intended to help us document baseline information on community member gardening and landscape harvesting knowledge and skills, determine the impact of our project on community health and wellbeing, and support us in achieving our project goals. The results of the pre-surveys and the post-workshop evaluations are compiled in this report.