Distributed electric vehicle charging scheduling with transactive energy management

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A distributed electric vehicle (EV) charging scheduling strategy with transactive energy (TE) management is presented in this paper to deal with technical issues in distribution network operation and discuss the economic benefits of EV charging. At an individual EV level, EV owners propose bids to actively participate in the distribution system operation. At the node level, an electric vehicle aggregator (EVA) optimally allocates the available charging power to meet EV charging requirements and cost benefits. At the distribution network level, a distribution system operator (DSO) integrates an electricity price market clearing mechanism with the optimal power flow (OPF) technique to ensure the reliability of the distribution network. Moreover, a distributed algorithm is discussed for solving the EV charging problem with transactive energy management (TEM). The clearing electricity price is achieved through a negotiation process between the DSO and EVAs using the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM). The presented EV charging scheduling with TEM is tested on a modified IEEE 33-bus distribution network scenario with 230 EV charging loads. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the TE-based EV charging scheduling system.

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