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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science


Lightning talks presented by researchers from around the country that highlights the challenges they experienced with stakeholder engagement in FEWS projects and lessons learned from engagement. This presentation focused on engaging with stakeholders for prioritizing land and life in the Great Lakes region. It discussed important lessons for engaging with/by/as research partnerships. This includes prioritizing land and life by being thoughtful and intentional, being deliberate and make evident your goals, and use academic and scientific tools, methods and resources for protection, restoration and revitalization. Another important lesson is to understand your topic, project, stakeholders and self.

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The EngageINFEWS Research Coordination Network (NSF# 1856059) is a project that brings researchers and stakeholders together to discuss and develop best practices for community engagement in research on food, energy and water systems (INFEWS).

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EngageINFEWS Lightning Talks 2021

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