Secure Transmission by Leveraging Multiple Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces in MISO Systems

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Recent advance of Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS) introduces a new dimension for secure communications by reconfiguring the transmission environments. In this paper, we devise a secure transmission scheme for multi-user MISO systems by leveraging multiple collaborative IRSs. Specifically, to guarantee the worst-case achievable secrecy rate among multiple legitimate users, we formulate a max-min problem that can be solved by an alternating optimization method to decouple it into multiple sub-problems. Based on semidefinite relaxation and successive convex approximation, each sub-problem can be further converted into convex problem and easily solved. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that our proposed scheme can adapt to complex scenarios for multiple users and achieve significant gain in terms of achievable secrecy rate. Compared to the traditional single IRS scheme, the proposed scheme can achieve better performance at the range of 2.4-6.4 bps/Hz with the increase in the number of reflecting elements in the multi-user scenarios. We also evaluate the gap between the secrecy rate for our proposed scheme under continuous phase shift/amplitude control and discrete phase shift/amplitude control, and our results show that the secrecy rate obtained from discrete approximation method converges to that achieved from the proposed scheme when increasing the discretization granularity.

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IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing