Effect of Fragmenting Dielectric Metasurfaces on their Dipolar and Lattice Resonances

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Parameters of unit cells in metasurfaces (MSs) are usually determined by applying the infinitely periodic conditions in numerical analysis. However, real-world samples of MSs are implemented with finite number of resonators. We conduct studies to reveal the effects of fragmenting MSs, comprised from text{n} times text{m} low-loss identical dielectric disks, on their electromagnetic responses. It is seen that in fragmental MSs, new odd-mode dipolar resonances with extraordinary intensity and Q-factors can appear that were not detected in infinite MSs. Such modes are associated with out-of-phase oscillations in neighbor resonators. Meanwhile, presented results demonstrate that fragmenting the MSs does not deteriorate the formation of lattice resonances at approaching the Rayleigh anomaly (RA) in very sparse fragments. In RA area, conventional even-mode dipolar resonances show red-shifting while odd-modes are spectrally stable. Responses of MS fragments can make them promising platforms for developing applications such as sensing, imaging, and absorption.

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2021 15th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena, Metamaterials 2021