A Generalized Fuzzy Extension Principle and Its Application to Information Fusion

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Zadeh's extension principle (ZEP) is a fundamental concept in fuzzy set (FS) theory that enables crisp mathematical operation on FSs. A well-known shortcoming of ZEP is that the height of the output FS is determined by the lowest height of the input FSs. In this article, we introduce a generalized extension principle (GEP) that eliminates this weakness and provides flexibility and control over how membership values are mapped from input to output. Furthermore, we provide a computationally efficient point-based FS representation. In light of our new definition, we discuss two approaches to perform aggregation of FSs using the Choquet integral. The resultant integrals generalize prior work and lay a foundation for future extensions. Last, we demonstrate the extended integrals via a combination of synthetic and real-world examples.

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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems